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About Us

STHLM Wine Club is a concept created by Ted Jansson and Sara Alteryd. We create wine tastings and events to embrace the craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation within the wine world.  Each tasting has its unique topic, type of grape, area, or style of wine. 

We aim to make our guests find their wine taste by breaking down the wine world into smaller sections. 

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Our Story

"Wine tastings often carry a sense of stiffness, heaviness, and exclusivity with their fancy vocabularies and high costs. However, my passion for wine blossomed in Italy, where I discovered a different approach—one filled with passion, familiarity, and the ability to evoke emotions through the craftsmanship and taste of each sip. Inspired by this, I partnered with my dear friend and sommelier, Ted Jansson, to create an inclusive and lively concept that brings together like-minded individuals.


We envisioned a space where wine education could be informative, fun, and engaging, fostering better connections between people and this extraordinary beverage. We break down barriers and make wine accessible to all, creating a welcoming atmosphere where learning, laughter, and enjoyment are the focal points. We aim to inspire a new generation of wine lovers who appreciate the art beyond labels and bottles."


- Sara Alteryd







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